Avoid getting sick and wasting a good hand washing with soap and water by dispensing paper towels before you wash your hands. If you happen to be in a restroom where you have to crank a level to get your paper towels you’ll want to follow this advice.

It only takes one person who didn’t wash their hands to touch the handle to make it a germ distributor. By lowering the lever before you wash your hands you can ensure that you only make contact while your hands are dirty. After you’ve washed your hands the paper towels are waiting there for you.

To further avoid nasty travel germs take your used paper towels and use them to open the door out of the bathroom so you don’t have to touch that either. It may sound extreme, but rest stops, airports, and bus stations are breeding grounds to some of the nastiest germs around. Make hand sanitizer part of your travel essentials and stay hydrated to avoid a cold when you get to your destination.

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[photo by: oneupmanshipwreck]