Save space in both your luggage and your carry on by tying your sneakers and other extra shoes by their laces to the straps of your carry on. Shoes are space hogs in your luggage, even if you fill them with socks or other items. Also, many airlines across Europe are restricting the number of carry ons you’re allowed to bring with you, limiting your space – especially when you aren’t checking in any suitcases.

You can however tie your shoes to your carry ons. (In fact, this trick works for other items you want to travel with.) For shoes, make sure you tie them in the upper center and close to your person – not loose. You don’t want the shoes bouncing as you jot across the airport terminal or to get stuck in an X-ray machine.

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Up to 2 or 3 pair hanging down from the top of your backpack like a tail will save your suitcase from extra weight (and penalties) without counting as extra baggage. Those of you who are especially space efficient can stuff the shoes with socks or other things that won’t fall out easily. For shoes without laces, just double wrap them with another pair of shoe laces at tie them tight.

Hopefully you know how to tie a good knot (here are 10 good ways) that won’t be too difficult to undo, yet still keep you from losing a shoe. You also want to try to keep appearances as neat as possible, without too many stray laces. This will reduce your chances of getting picked on at security checkpoints, tripping, or getting snagged on something.

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Finally, whenever you get a chance look behind you and check that all of your footwear is still strapped along for the ride.

[photo by: GingerThePug]