More people are treating their automobiles like additional rooms of their homes, leaving them vulnerable targets to theft and vandalism. Most of us don’t find out that any 3rd party accessories (no matter how expensive they might be) aren’t covered by insurance until they get stolen.

As I found out after a recent experience, you can add GPS, satellite radios, and stero systems to your car insurance policy if you want them to be covered in case of theft or damage after an accident.

Keep in mind that you’ll still have to fork over the cash on items that cost less than your deductible and your premiums may get a rate hike. Unless you travel with expensive equipment often that you can’t hide (i.e. video equipment for work) in most cases it’s not worth it.

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You’re best bet is to keep electronic goodies and their suction cup holsters out of sight every time you park your car no matter when or where – that will help prevent any damage your actual car in the long run.

[photo by: Qole Tech]