Zip around the US Capital, Washington Monument, and Smithsonian buildings on Capital Segway. I recently had the unexpected pleasure to receive a tour as a gift, and enjoyed the experience.

The Tour

Tours are given 3 times a day (including weekends and most holidays). After a 15-minute training video, each person is given a Segway to steer inside and around the offices of Capital Segway. Groups are 5-15 people on average. The tours last 2 hours and take you to the traditional Washington DC tourist sights. What set the tour apart for me (aside from the Segway) was how informed and interesting the tour guides made each stop. Already familiar with the area, I found the information from the tour to be unique.

Riding The Segway

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The Segway can be quite intimidating to see at first. The instructional video is rather thin and makes it seem like all you can do is fall off the thing. Once you set on though you’ll see how seamlessly the internal gyroscopes do their job. A little lean forward will get you going and a little pull back will slow you down. I was comfortable on the Segway after about 10 minutes and was zipping around the first stop – Pennsylvania Avenue outside of the White House.

Times and Ticket Prices

Tours are given at 930am, 1230am, and 330pm everyday and cost $65. You can see the schedule and reserve tickets here.

Why Capital Segway Over Others

They are the only Segway authorized tours of Washington DC which means their machines are the newest models. Also, many other Segway tour companies limit your speed to 6mph. Capitial Segway gives you full control over your Segway and use it to its full potential (12.5mph).

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Tomorrow I’ll compare Segway vs. traditional walking tours and what you can expect. I recommend that visitors to the DC area who would like to add some variety to their tours stop by Capital Segway. The price, times, and tour guides are worth the experience.

[photo by: tatianes]