Should Obese Passengers Be Charged Extra?

My recent comments on the subject on Travel-Rants, suggesting that passengers be charged per seat generated some controversy. I??m going to explain why the obese should be charged per seat, and welcome your comments as well.

The Pros and Cons of Using Cash During The Various Stages Of Travel

What you lose in convenience you gain in security when using cash to pay for your trip, buy souvenirs, and leave tips for waiters. While credit and debit cards are useful if you get ripped off, using cash can prevent it from ever happening.

Sexiest Summer Travel Story Contest

The author of the sexiest summer travel post will win a $250 voucher for the airline of their choosing. The contest runs from May 1 through June 15, read on for details on how to submit your story and win.

How To Avoid A Speeding Ticket

Although it??s not encouraged, if you do decide to speed here are some ways to avoid the flashing lights and scruffy beards of police speed traps.

Beautiful Views, Quiet Comfort at Harman’s North Folk Cottages: Cabins, West Virginia

Enjoy a remote section of the Appalachian mountains by staying in the comfortable and clean Harman??s North Folk Cottages. I enjoyed a recent stay there which I couldn??t wait to get home to write about.

The Before and After of GPS Theft

Recently my lapse in judgment lead to my beloved Garmin nuvi 250 being stolen out of my car. It was a smash and grab on a busy street in broad daylight – an hour after I had parked my car.