Protect your lungs from the effects of black mold professionally using the services of the Alliance Environmental Group. Strachybotrys, the sticky green buildup on floors and walls can cause lung irritation and allergies.

The Alliance Environmental group specializes in black mold remediation which consists of physical inspection and removal of black mold, as well as sanitizing the effected areas. The spores of this mold has been linked to bronchitis and asthma and a host of other lung problems. Black mold can be found in any environment, but particularly in areas that have high humidity or in homes with leaky pipes.

The Alliance Environmental Group’s website makes it possible to request tests of your home or office through an online form. The site does lack pricing and detailed information about the service, for example, how, how long, and how much the service costs – although their telephone number is clearly listed. A list of their other services, such as asbestos and pest removal, as well as air duct cleaning are available.

The Alliance Environmental Group provides service only in California. Their site has pictures of previous projects and a number of positive customer testimonials. Contact the Alliance Environmental Group for more information on their black mold remediation and other environmental and construction services.

This is a sponsored review of Alliance Environmental Group.