best city 2017 second round 32

The first round of The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2017 last week was an interesting one of big wins and close losses. Vancouver defeated Quebec by a vote and a tie between Reykjavik and Rio de Janeiro meant I got to tie-break. I gave the victory on to the second round to Rio, mostly because South America isn’t as well represented as Europe in this year’s tournament.

How It Works

All you have to do is vote by clicking your preferred city in each of the match ups below before this Sunday, March 12th, 5pm US EST. Votes may not be visible until after the polls close. You will need to enter your email address, then click to verify your vote from an email that comes from Poll Daddy. Your email address is not used for anything other than verifying your vote. Emails aren’t used in any other way. Your privacy and personal information are important to me, always. Good luck to all the remaining cities!

The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2016: Sweet 16

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Remember, the next round, Sweet 16 begins next Tuesday, March 14th 2017.