best city 2017 elite 8

Over the past 3 weeks your votes have eliminated 56 cities from 2017 The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament. Now there are a remaining 8, all with strong support, and ready to get into the Final Four. Those of you who nominated cities which advance to the Final Four will all be guaranteed at least a $25 gift card  to any of the following online stores: Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Delta, and Southwest Airlines. Of course though, I know you’re hoping for the $600 top prize. Let me know your favorite cities in the world by voting below all this week!

Click your favorite cities before this Sunday, March 26th, 5pm US EST. You will need to enter your email address, then click to verify your vote from an email that comes from Poll Daddy. Your email address is not used for anything other than verifying your vote. Emails aren’t used in any other way. Your privacy and personal information are important to me, always. Votes may not be visible until after the polls close. Good luck to all the remaining cities!

London Makes An Incredible Comeback To Face Kyoto In The Best City 2019 Championship!

Remember, the next round, Final Four, begins next Tuesday, March 28st, 2017.