best city 2018 final championship

Granada is one round away from doing two things no city ever has in 9 years of The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament: win more than once, and win back-to-back years. But doing well in one round doesn’t help you in the next and Dubrovnik’s supporters are looking to pull off a major upset. Voting begins now and is open through 12pm US EST on Sunday, April 8th.

Readers, it’s time to vote! You will need to enter your email address, then click to verify your vote from an email that comes from Poll Daddy. Your email address is not used for anything other than verifying your vote. Your privacy is important to me, always.

Devine Photos Of Lisbon, Portugal From Almada

Also, in this final round there’s a new way to vote. You can vote using the poll below and vote by leaving a comment with your pick (Dubrovnik or Granada) on this YouTube video I just uploaded.

The winner of The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament will be announced on Tuesday, April 10th. Good luck to both Granada and Dubrovnik!