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Granada, Spain, picked up steam early in the Best City To Visit Travel Tournament this year and never slowed down. Dubrovnik, in a first trip to the final, didn’t offer much resistance as you overwhelmingly voted for Granada as Best City to Visit of 2018.

Granada’s win means it has achieved several things no city ever has in 9 years of The Best City To Visit contests. In 2017, Granada was the first winning city I had previously visited. This year, Granada becomes the first city to win twice and the first city to win back-to-back tournaments and repeat as best city.

Last year, we had a big party to celebrate Granada’s win in the city, this year, I hope to have even bigger plans. Even if you voted for Dubrovnik, I recommend you subscribe to my newsletter or YouTube channel, it might send you to Granada.

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Congratulations also to Daniel, who nominated Granada and wins $250. Thank you all who participated in the contest this year – I hope to see you in early February 2019, for the 10th anniversary of The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament.

It's Time To Vote In The First Round Of The 2017 Best City To Visit Travel Tournament

Time for me to start planning my trip to Granada…