I’ve started getting emails, chats, and comments asking me a variety of travel related questions. “Travel Unravel” is a new series where I tried to answer these questions in a quick and concise manner with the help of readers in the comments.

Lost At Sea asks: What’s A Cheap Way To Go To The Caribbean From The US?

Your best bet is to take a cruise, especially if you’re on the US east coast. Most cruise lines take off from one of the major port cities like New York, Baltimore, or Norfolk. Most cruises for a week of Caribbean sailing include room, food (through buffet’s), and entertainment like casinos and club life for around $600-800. Alcohol is extra, but those can be bought duty free at one of the islands you’re bound to stop to.

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You’ll be able to visit 2 or 3 hotspots like Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico and take “excursions” like snorkling, hiking, or mountain biking. (Excursions are extra cost.) Also, Americans and EU citizens won’t need visas for stays less than 30 days at almost all of the Caribbean countries. Check out Travelzoo, they usually has good deals on cruises and package vacations to the area.

Hope this helps, if not ask away in the comments – readers, don’t hesitate to hop in either!

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