I recently submitted some traveling smarter tips for Darren of Travel Rants, including “eat at the shabbiest looking restaurant you run across, they tend to have the best food.

I received some responses in the comments from readers who disagreed.

Erica from Blissful Travel responded,

I probably wouldn’t eat at the shabbiest looking restaurant, but I’d much rather go to a place where there are more locals than tourists.

and Diane from In2Town added,

…you would never go to the cheapest eating places. You would speak to the locals and find out the best places to eat and my moto is, try everything while on holiday.

and both Mark H and Jack noted that it won’t be a long walk to find a unique places off the regular tourist path.

One Of The Best Bars In The World Is Fun Fun In Montevideo, Uruguay

All valid and insightful points, but my question to you readers is – do you visit the shabbiest looking restaurants for the best food when you travel? I’d like to hear from you all in the comments – I know that many of you are visiting to vote for the sexiest story contest and this is a perfect time to add your first comment!

[photo by: dbz885]