TripSay Preview, Travel Social Networking Site Launches Today

TripSay is a social networking website for vacationers and travel enthusiasts, which launches today (out of private beta) at 10am PST and I was invited to preview the site before it went live.

Does Traveling Age You?

I became very interested in the concept, since I’ve always held the belief that travel brings youth and vigor by stimulating the mind.

Herpin’ With Joe, Chasing Snakes In Burma

Herpetologist (snake scientist) Joe Slowinski’s biography brings you on the search for dangerous reptiles, from his childhood in the Midwest to a tragic end in the uncharted jungles of Southeast Asia.

How Airline Meals Are Made

A short but interesting summary of the process behind creating airline meals.

Why Rising Oil Prices Are Good For Travel and Travelers

Don’t believe the hype, despite the dramatic increases in oil prices over the past year, the travel industry is booming.