potty trainA little over a week ago I gave you a description of the 5 major culprits that cause travelers’ constipation when you leave home to travel.

Don’t worry if you can’t potty either, 77% of travelers have occasional digestive discomfort – but with good planning you can be like our cat friend in the photo and mark your territory anywhere.

Begin By Planning Ahead

Spend 2-3 days before your trip to get your entire digestive system, from your brain to your butt ready to travel.

  • Shift Your Mealtimes a Bit – Try to adjust to the mealtimes of a new time zone, or business trip schedule by eating when you will eating. You can also use peanuts to shift your body clock by a few hours.
  • Eat More Fiber – Load up on these foods with the highest fiber per serving. The list includes avocados, raspberries, and brown rice.
  • RELAX, RELAX, RELAX! – Your state of mind has a big impact on your digestive system and stress makes it more sensitive. SO RELAX!
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While In Transit

  • Drink Plenty of Water – Add an extra glass per alcoholic or caffeinated drink.

  • Walk Whenever You Can – Athletes are particularly susceptible to travelers’ constipation, if you’re active try to maintain at least a light daily workout routine.

Once You Get There

  • Spruce Up The Bathroom – Wherever your bathroom is located at your destination, put your toothbrush and other toiletries there right away. Arrange the towels as you like and try to make it feel more like home (base).
  • Eat Small Meals Throughout the Day – The IBS Blog suggests that this, combined with not skipping meals may help you overcome constipation.

I know that many of you reading this see the sensibility in the advice, but probably won’t do it until you get hit by some really bad bowels. The smart traveler prevents stomach problems before they strike since when they do it tends to be at the worst possible times.

[photo by: trainedcat]

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