pint of beerFind the price of a pint of beer in bars around the world with Pint Price. The free website lists the average price of the (almost) half-liter glass of beer in over 207 countries, determining the cost by averaging reports from local users.

Travelers and residents in various countries add the currency, pint price, and specific city Pint Price uses to compile the results . The simple drop down menu on the Pint Price homepage lets you find out that an average pint is $2.18 in Nigeria and convert the results into British Pounds and Euros as well.

Pint Price does lack differentiation for different brands, like Guinness or Heineken, and you can’t search for the cost of your favorite brew. Also, the prices reported in many countries are based on a small number of users (only 44 from Denmark, for example) so the accuracy is varied.

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Pint Price is a nice start to your beer travel plans but keep in mind that beer costs vary widely especially in tourist hot spots.

[via Jaunted]