The dollar has been hitting record lows against the Euro and even traditional dollar-friendly travel destinations like Canada, but that shouldn’t discourage you international travels. There are plenty of countries to visit where your dollar goes a long way, here are some of the best ones.

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  • China – The USA Today reports that the Chinese Yuan, though currently 8:1 against the US dollar, the government there is thinking of revaluing the currency. Travel to China soon if you can to take advantage of the still-weak Yuan before it strengthens. Consider hiking the Great Wall of China, shopping in Hong Kong, or tour Tibet.
  • Jordan – With the end of Ramadan approaching you can enjoy Eid al-Fitr by following the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia. Visit Petra of Indian Jones fame in a country where your dollar will get you almost 2 times its value in the US. Finally, you can sunbathe at the Jordanian royal family’s favorite Mediterranean coast beach resort, Aqaba.
  • Micronesia – If scuba diving is your thing, the island of Yap in Micronesia offers several famous locations to see all types of marine life, including sharks and dolphins. No trip to Micronesia is complete without a manta ray dive, it’s the worlds best place to do so.
  • Venezuela – The exchange rate (despite the governments efforts) is good for those carrying greenbacks. Wikitravel has a great primer for travel to this northern South American country.
  • Armenia – This small nation nesseld in Asia has been working hard to boost its tourism industry. The 800 year old Geghard monastery built into the mountains of central Armenia or the ancient Garni pagan temple should get your archeology body parts harder than the stones used to create them.
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There are many other locations where you can have a great vacation and make your currency work for you such as Brazil, Turkey, Argentina and Russia. Make sure to get the best out of your dollar while you’re on the road, pack small inexpensive essentials, use Google to convert currency to scope your next trip, or consider an around the world ticket.

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