georgetown guyana cuisine

The capital of Guyana is known to be one of those places tourists need spend little time in. Although Georgetown doesn’t have the big sites of places like London or Berlin, what it does offer is a quiet culinary experience. The quality of the food in Georgetown is exceptional with a variety of creole, southeast Asian, and Caribbean flavors.

Here are some of the best places to eat in Georgetown, Guyana in no particular order.

1. Bettencourt

A local place serving up traditional Guyanese cuisine. The lines start forming during the busy lunch hour where you can order pepperpot (a cassava-based beef stew) and another local favorite, cook-up. Rice mashed with vegetables in coconut milk, topped typically with chicken or fish, service is fast even during the rush. Keep in mind there are few places to sit, it’s mostly takeout. Prices are average for Georgetown.

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2. Fireside Grill

Part of the Fireside Suites, one of the best places to stay in Guyana, there’s good seafood on the barbecue and a daily menu that varies with common home foods. Swing by the early evening hours and take a look at all the hot pots, deserts, and stay for the atmosphere. Prices are above average for Georgetown.

3. Aagman

This is one of the first Indian restaurants in Guyana (which has a large local diaspora) and the preparation of the dishes are exceptional. The broths, stews, spices, and bases for the foods are made right before your meal and you can taste it. Flavors you may have only tastes hints of show their true textures at Aagman. Prices are above average for Georgetown.

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4. Shanta’s Puri Shop

You don’t have to look further than the simple but staple dish, roti. Brought over from southeast Asia, there’s a little bit of a twist in the Guyanese version with no better place to try it than Shanta’s. A local favorite, it will be one of yours as well. Prices below average for Georgetown.

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I’ve left out other places like Oasis, a more Western cafe with good breakfast options as well as Backyard Cafe. What Georgetown lacks in things to see, it more than makes up for with street food, barbecue, and a mashup or two.