The Best Places To Eat In Anchorage, Alaska

There are a lot of good places to eat in Anchorage, Alaska. It might not be all gourmet or particularly fancy but the hearty, diverse, and often locally sourced food on your plate fits perfectly in Anchorage’s remote location and windy streets.

These are the best places to eat in Anchorage, Alaska.

Breakfast: Snow City Cafe

Very popular but with good reason, Snow City Cafe serves large portions of varied egg dishes from benedicts to scrambled sandwiches. Additionally there’s oatmeal, fresh fruits, and plenty of coffee. Lines outside Snow City Cafe start forming 15 minutes before they open so get there early or wait until after 9:30am when the breakfast crowds die down. Prices run about $15 per dish and it’s casual dining that’s a great start to any day in Anchorage.

Recommended: Try the salmon cakes with “The Deadliest Catch.”

Lunch or Dinner: Moose’s Tooth Pub

Locals tend to go with what’s good and lines start forming in the late morning right before Moose’s Tooth Pub opens. Not only do they have some of the best pizza in Anchorage but a large selection of craft beers to go with them. Not your fancy? There’s a homemade soup on the menu daily, over 10 salads to choose from, and oven-baked sandwiches. Like most places in Anchorage portions are large so if you’re not too hungry, a slice of pizza and salad are available. Prices run about $10-20 per pie depending on the size of pizza you order.

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Recommended: Hungarian mushroom soup and The Popeye pizza.

After 11am to 11pm: 49th State Brewing

slice of pizza

If there were a single restaurant that could summarize the general cuisine scene in Anchorage, it would be 49th State Brewing. They have a pretty massive menu which can be intimidating at first but for fish, the halibut is recommended. The appetizers are small meals on their own so be sure to arrive hungry and if you can, make a reservation beforehand, it does get crowded. Prices run about $20-30 for entrees.

Recommended: The 49er’s Famous Fried Halibut Tacos.

Dessert: Wild Scoops

A bit wacky and part hipster, the locally sourced ingredients at Wild Scoops make for incredible ice cream. There’s over 100 of flavors at their two locations in Anchorage. The staff are incredibly friendly and generous with the free samples so you’re sure to find a flavor (or three) that’s right for you.

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wild scoops anchorage

Recommended: Black Cup Oreo, Sweeter Than Dirt (vegan)

Anchorage is a surprisingly good city to eat in and there are a lot of locally owned shops serving everything from German, Turkish, to Alaskan favorites. This list will get you started but you certainly won’t have to stop there! All great places to eat no matter how long you’re in town or just passing through on the way to Seward nearby.