The voting for the top prize in the Inspire Me Africa Photo Contest went down to the very end last night. Casey Gayman (“Dusk in the Moroccan Sahara“) finished with 4 more votes ahead of Yasser (“Sphinx, the Great Pyramids Guardian“) who won $75 as the second prize.

You can see the final contest results below:

[poll id=”18”]

Congratulations Deniz you belly danced your way to the third prize! I’m also currently waiting for the 4th prize winner (a randomly selected subscriber) to claim their prize. I’ll let you know when they do.

I personally enjoyed all of the pictures but would have liked to see Mara’s picture gain some more traction in the voting. I’ll be posting a recap and my post-contest thoughts next week, but I’d like to hear your opinions and comments on the results. Did your favorite picture make the top 3 or would you have liked to see more votes for Noura, Jessica, or Stina?

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Thank you all for enriching us with you fantastic photos. I run several smaller contests throughout the year and two big ones biannually. The next ‘big’ contest will be announced in mid-April.