womans curled bicepThe frantic pace at which many travelers leave their hotels rooms is a source of anxiety and can encourage other unhealthy habits as well as increase your blood pressure. Rather, you can use this nervous energy and channel it for 5 minutes to burn a nice amount of calories without even leaving your hotel room.

It’s a simple workout that most anyone can do in the morning before hopping in the shower. For someone weighing 150 pounds (68 kilos) you’ll burn approximately 50 calories. The more you weigh the more calories (and stress) you’ll burn and get a great start to sightseeing.

Tips On Keeping the Pace Up

Before you get started here are a few things you can do to get yourself going for a full 5 minutes.

  • Blast your iPod touch or find a good music channel on the TV. (India’s got loads of them.)
  • Have an empty stomach (not even coffee)
  • Remember, it’s only 5 minutes!

Minute 1 – Push Ups (9 Calories)

Do as many push ups as you can in 1 minute. As your arms get more tired you can switch from supporting yourself with your feet to you knees. If traditional push ups are too difficult just start on your knees and go as slowly as you need. The important thing is to keep moving for the entire minute and get your heart rate up.

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push up

Minute 2 – Jumping Jacks (9 Calories)

As soon as your minute of push ups is done, hop on to your feet and begin a minute of jumping jacks. Don’t stop! Keep moving and make sure your form is proper. That means keeping your back straight and your head up while at the same time keeping control over your extremities. Refrain from flailing your arms and legs about you wildly.

jumping jacks on the beach

Minute 3 – Sit Ups/Crunches (9 Calories)

Lay down with your legs bent at a 90 degree angle (not under your butt or stretched out in front of you) and slowly lift yourself as far up as you can. You may get the feeling where – POOF! – you want to fall back down and lie flat. If that happens rest for a count to 3 and keep going for as long as you can. It’s only 60 seconds and you’re more than halfway done!


Minute 4 – Kick Your Knees Up (16 Calories)

Standing up straight, kick you knees up to your chest as high and fast as you can without losing your balance. You shouldn’t be stomping your feet so try to stay light on your toes. No matter what pace you maintain or how much you slow down, keep moving the entire time. It sounds easy now but on the 4th minute it can get tough. Find a good pace that works for you.

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knees up muay thai

Minute 5 – Dance Your Heart Out (7 Calories)

Vigorous dancing in front of the TV or with your iPod touch on full blast is an excellent way to have some fun in the morning and burn a good amount of calories. Dancing around as silly as you want to be might also put you in a better mood for the rest of the day since you’ll be hard pressed to get your groove on without a smile. It’s even more entertaining if you’ve got someone to dance with.

silly dance

Convert Your Energy

This is just one of the countless ways to get your heart rate up before leaving for a business meeting, a day of sightseeing, or before dashing out to the airport. You can add as much variation or duration to these exercises as you see fit to mix things up if they get boring.

Frequent flying puts a great deal of stress on the body and traveling can age you. Anxiety is a good source of energy if you know how to hone your stress to improve your travels and your health.

[photos by: ~ggvic~, practicalowl, apol-photography, bodhithaj, Marshall Astor – Food Pornographer, Chandra Marsono]