tech guide for travelMy latest blog (and last one for a while) is a place where you can experience the geeky side of backpacking. The Tech Guide For Travel is a site all about the hardware, software, and hacks to make you the ultimate digital nomad. The blog is brand new with a few posts ready and many more waiting to be published. I thought I’d give you all a chance to take a look around before the fun begins.

What’s The Difference Between Tech Here and The Tech Guide For Travel?

I won’t stop posting about technology, software, and other gadgets here on foXnoMad. The Tech Guide For Travel will be the place though where I dive right into the details of nifty hacks, review gadgets, and tackle the age old question – Mac or Windows – all of course from a traveler’s point of view. There will also be some cross over between foXnoMad and the Tech Guide For Travel.

Why The Tech Guide For Travel?

I get a lot of questions about technology and many emails about various products, services, apps, websites, and programs – so many that I can’t fit them all here on foXnoMad. I love technology and have many years of experience as a computer security engineer and am excited to create a blog that’s all about the technology that makes traveling even more fun.

A Look At foXnoMad's New Merch Through The Fourthwall

Here are two posts already up on the Tech Guide For Travel:

Be Prepared When Things Get Rolling

The Tech Guide For Travel gets rolling full steam next week and will be updated every Tuesday. You can be prepared and help the blog grow by providing your feedback and comments on the posts or in an email.

  • Don’t miss future posts by subscribing to the Tech Guide For Travel RSS feed or weekly email updates.
  • Consider a Guest Post. Dying to write about travel and technology? Consider submitting a guest post and I’ll let everyone know about it. I’ll also return the favor with a guest post of my own for you.
  • Links. If you’ve already emailed me about a link on Travel Blog Advice, I’ll be adding you to the Tech Guide For Travel links page shorty. Otherwise shoot me an email I’ll be sure to add you.
  • Ideas. Have any ideas for a post or question about anything tech and travel related? What about optimizing your travel blog code or jailbreaking your iPhone? Send me an email and if applicable I’ll set up a post to answer your question.
Geek Takeover Week 2021 Has Landed...

Coming Up

I can envision expanding the Tech Guide For Travel to a few more posts per week than just once on Tuesdays but for now I’ll pace myself. I’m very passionate about travel and technology and I can see the Tech Guide For Travel growing into something bigger with your help.

I hope that you’ll take a moment to check out the Tech Guide For Travel and consider subscribing to be ready for some brand new posts about the geeky side of backpacking.

As always, I appreciate all of your support. Many, many thanks again, -Anil