overcoming the 7 major obstacles to traveling the worldI promised that any money I made from the sale of my eBook, Overcoming the 7 Major Obstacles to Traveling the World, during the month of October would go towards supporting Kiva micro-loans.

I’m happy to say sales of the eBook were able to help fund micro-loans for 16 entrepreneurs around the world. If you haven’t heard of Kiva or know what micro-finance is I suggest you check out Kiva.org, a fantastic organization.

As a thank you for everyone’s support I’m having a sale on the eBook from now until the end of the year. You can download a copy if you haven’t already for $8.00.

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Whether you’re still stuck at your desk or have been traveling for a while, I believe you’ll enjoy reading this book which really applies to more than just travel.

Recent Reviews

You can read some recent reviews of my eBook for a second opinion if you don’t want to take just my word for it.

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About The Book

Long-term travelers aren’t lottery jackpot winners or capable of super-human feats. You can get out from behind that desk and travel, whether it’s full-time or a one year trip around the world my eBook breaks it down for you. Both the practical aspects of getting your life in order and the psychological barriers you’ll face and how to overcome each one.

You can also read some of the personal stories of these travelers: John Bardos, Marina Villatoro, Dan’s Adventure, The Q Family Adventures, Deb and Dave, The Road Forks, and Cody McKibben for more inspiration.

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Earn some money by helping me spread the word about my eBook. By joining my affiliate program (a free and easy process) you’ll get 50% of every sale you make. I’ll also send you ad banners, links, and help you get set up.

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eBook Sale

You can pick up a copy of Overcoming the 7 Major Obstacles to Traveling the World for $8 from now until Dec. 31 using one of the links below. I’m confident that you will enjoy reading it and find it useful whether you’ve been a vagabond for years or are dreaming about it. I hope by reading the eBook you’ll be able to bridge that gap and travel as much as you’d like and feel good doing it.

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As always, thank you all very much for your support, -Anil