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A little over a year ago I released the WiFox app, a map of airport wifi passwords from around the world for Android and iOS, which has since become a top 7 download in the travel category of the Apple App Store. Several months ago, I released my second app DroneMate, a continuously updated guide to all the drone laws around the world.

Both are available for iOS and Android as separate purchases but now on iOS for iPhone and iPad, they’re part of the foXnoMad Air Pack. The foXnoMad Air Pack includes WiFox and DroneMate together and saves you 15% on the download. Current WiFox users can complete the bundle and get DroneMate at a 25% discount. (Unfortunately Google Play doesn’t support app discount bundles.)

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One More Thing

In addition to the discounted price, there will be a few other surprises with the foXnoMad Air Pack in the near future. The foXnoMad Air Pack is available now for iOS devices and can be gifted to traveling friends as well.