Erica Johansson who writes one of my favorite travel blogs, Travel Blissful, recently nominated me in Tripbase’s travel secret blog tag. The goal of the project is for travel bloggers to list 3 of their travel secrets. Erica posted her 3 best kept travel secrets and below are my 3 travel secrets of frequent travelers.

1. We Keep Our Real Travel Secrets To Ourselves

You can be certain that many travelers keep some of their favorite destinations within destinations to themselves. As Cate commented recently it’s good to keep some destinations under the radar. Frequent travelers also don’t typically like to admit their mistakes or mishaps on the road.

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2. Places That Aren’t Secret (Locally) Make Great Destinations

Most of the great secret destinations you read about by travelers and writers aren’t secret to the locals. In fact, if the locals are flocking there, it’s usually a good sign. Generally most of the secret destinations for frequent travelers are near home – an area of exploration many frequent travelers neglect.

The Best Vegan And Vegetarian Restaurants In Antigua, Guatemala

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3. There Are No Secrets

Everybody knows a little about something and in the world of travel there are no secrets. That’s part of what makes reading about travel so much fun, there is always something new to learn and a little of something to add of your own.

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What Are Your Secrets?

Although part of Tripbase’s project was to ‘tag’ 5 other travel bloggers, I’ll leave it to you if you want to take this on with your own 3 travel secrets. Everyone else can post your secrets in the comments below, anonymously if you’d like though that wouldn’t be much fun.

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