I read over 400 travel blogs regularly and I don’t often get a chance to highlight so many wonderful articles by these travelers. I’ve asked travel bloggers to send me their favorite or most popular posts from the past year and a little about why they chose them. I’m sure you’ll find many of these posts useful, interesting, and incentive to continue (or start!) traveling.

sharing travel experiencesAndy Hayes | Sharing Travel Experiences

And with a title like “You Deserve Time Off… Really” pretty much is self-explanatory on why people really empathised with it. A lot of our newsletter subscribers forwarded it on to friends, who got in touch to say “Yes damn it, I do!” Doesn’t everyone deserve time off?

Stephanie Yoder | Twenty-Something Travel

It was actually one of the first things I ever wrote for my blog and I think it really encapsulates the entire message of my blog.

Michaela Potter | Briefcase To Backpack

There is already a lot of great travel advice on the internet, so the fact that this particular post spoke to readers the most demonstrates how American’s really do want to embrace the idea of a traveling career break.

Diana | The Adventures of D

  • I’ve Always Relied On The Kindness Of Strangers

My most popular post (and the one in which most readers commented) was “I’ve always relied on the kindness of strangers,” which tells the story just how amazing and kind strangers really can be … This post is a part of my Croatia “Adventures of D” stories.

Audrey | Uncornered Market

I believe its popularity is due to the fact that it combined the themes of travel and personal growth. People could relate to developing life skills through travel and bringing these skills back home.

Monica | A Pair Of Panties and Boxers

  • Photo Friday: Kaifeng, China

I guess when it comes to words, less is more.

Akila | The Road Forks

I think it encapsulated a lot of our fears and many long-term travelers’ fears about taking the giant leap. This year, I plan to write a follow up post about how our fears have panned out.

A Ramp Agent Explains What You Should (And Shouldn't) Pack In Your Checked Luggage

andrew brooklyn nomadAndrew | Brooklyn Nomad

My “9 Beatle-riffic Destinations Around the World” caught the attention of many music loving travelers.

Nico | AirTreks

I think people click through to it most often because it revitalizes the idea of why traveling is important, as if we didn’t already know this. I think people just like to be reminded why so much of their lives revolve around either actual travel or travel-related ideas.

Heather Cowper | Heather On Her Travels

My favorite post was this one about the cake I was given for free by the stall-holder outside the mosque in the backstreets of Sidon in Lebanon. It brings back happy memories of my road trip with my girl-friend who lives out there, eating mezze in a small shop in the souk and then being shown kindness & hospitality which epitomizes my memories of that trip and the lovely Lebanese people.

rennybas terellaRennyBA’s Terella

The theme of my blog is to show Norwegian traditions, culture and habits. On this perfect fall day, my wife and I took a cruise on the fjord and where able to show my readers; Oslo in a nut shell.

Barbara | Hole In The Donut

Hard to pick just one. I [also] really like the post about lesser known Boke Tower Gardens in central Florida.

Donna Hull | My Itchy Travel Feet

One of my favorite posts, and also very popular with my readers, was about hiking to a green sand beach on Hawaii. It’s a glimpse of the Big Island that many resort guests never see.

sherry ott motorbikeSherry Ott | Ottsworld

My most popular post was in a series I did on ‘How to drive a motorbike in Vietnam’. Learning how to drive a motorbike in Saigon was my New Years Resolution last year! It’s a series of 17 posts from the acquisition of the bike to the assimilation into the culture. But the favorite was The Motorbike Diaries vol. 14 – The Great Horn Divide.

Alex Highland | See The Southwest

Journalist Richard McColl Talks About Colombia's Forgotten City, Mompos

I think our best post was a series we did on the Grand Canyon. The series covers the canyon from native heritage to geology and everything in between.

Dan’s Adventure

It was really difficult to narrow down all the fantastic experiences to just ten and everyone of them brings a smile to my face every time I think about them. I already have so many more for inclusion in the next set of highlights!

lisa world is callingLisa | The World Is Calling

We loved discovering this part of Tuscany–a part that is rarely touted in the guide books. And the whole Etruscan/historical angle…up until a couple of years ago, I didn’t even know about them or their society!

JoAnna Haugen | Kaleidoscopic Wandering

One of my favorite posts (and one that I hope we keep discussing in the upcoming years) is The National Park Debate.

More Best Travel Posts Of 2009

I received so many great links from other travel bloggers that I could have run an entire series spanning this past week. Here are just some of my favorites that I came across that are worth taking some time and reading over.

The list grew incredibly fast and are still being added to the original post where I asked travel bloggers to send me their best links of 2009. You can keep up with the expanding list and add your own link if you have one. I appreciate all of the travel bloggers who sent me their link and look forward to reading more in 2010.