transparent laptopI was recently interviewed by Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo about protecting your laptop and sensitive information abroad. I worked as a professional hacker for nearly 6 years before taking my act on the road and it was fun to talk security again. Too many travelers don’t take the few simple measures that would protect their information from thieves and governments who can easily access the data on your laptop. The article outlines some of my tips and advice and if you’re interested in data security and backups, I think you’ll find the article useful.

Also, I just published an interview with Laurie Tighe on the Tech Guide For Travel about a very useful tool for travelers called Budget Your Trip. It’s a tool that uses data from other travelers to estimate budgets and costs for cities and countries around the world. If you’ve ever spent hours trying to figure out how much to set aside for daily expenses on your next trip to India for example, Budget Your Trip is for you.

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[photo by: yohann.aberkane]