The 50 liter backpack range is great for many types of packers (light and heavy) on trips of various lengths so I was excited to get a hold of the GoLite Pursuit backpack to review. The sleek Pursuit was named the “best all purpose backpack” by Backpacker Magazine and is one of the most comfortable I’ve ever tried on.

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More Information About The GoLite Pursuit Backpack

It’s more of a hiking backpack than a travel pack and has slots to carry skis, snowshoes, or a snowboard. My only qualm with the Pursuit is that it’s a top-loader – which likely helps keep it light and streamlined. That makes it a bit inconvenient to grab something easily out of the main compartment but the large front panel should alleviate that issue for many travelers.

  • The GoLite Pursuit trademarked “Velocity” nylon used to construct the backpack felt strong and durable despite my attempts to rough it up.
  • GoLite products are designed to be recyclable, including the Pursuit backpack.
  • It’s small enough to meet most carry-on requirements. You can use Luggage Limits to find the specific dimensions allowed by each airline.
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GoLite Recycling Program

The Pursuit has a nice contour shape and felt comfortable with loads up to 15 kilograms (35 lbs) which is the maximum recommended. One thing I really like about GoLite (aside from their lifetime warranty) is that they’ll take back and repair, recycle, re-purpose or donate any of their unwanted products if you send them back. You can also recycle or donate your GoLite backpack yourself and if you do so, GoLite will give you 20% off your next purchase.