travel journalLooks like many of you are taking to the air, roads, and hopping on trains this summer to do that thing we love so much…travel. When I asked what are your summer travel plans last week, many of you responded with a wonderful variety of road trips across the US, hops in Europe, and flights to Asia and beyond.

  • Shannon OD: “Heading to California for most of June, then NYC – will be seeing you at TBEX. After that, home to Florida for a visit and think I may just head to Thailand an expat myself for a year!”
  • Sherry Ott: “I have just decided to head to Belgium and the Netherlands in July/August! I’m actually going to do a house-sitting gig in Brussels for 3 weeks and then travel around the area for a bit.”
  • Rod@GoPetFriendly: “We’re traveling west and north to see [US] states we’ve spent little/no time in: Colorado, Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.”
  • Akila: “…we head to South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana for two months in mid-August.”
  • postcardsDream A Little Dream: “Since Scott and I have a couple months still before we get back to the daily grind we will also plan to do some camping throughout BC and Alberta. Western Canada has some amazing scenery and what a better place to enjoy it then sleeping right in the middle of it all.”
  • Cate: “Looks like my plan is to head to the Emerald Isles…”
  • Jason: “I fly to Ukraine in June with plans to visit Spain, Turkey, and Germany. Then in mid July I fly to Thailand followed by Bangladesh two weeks later to meet a friend.”
  • Joya: “I’m planning on going on a cruise through the Caribbean. Probably, St. Thomas, Jamaica, Barbados, Bahamas.”
  • Donna Hull: “My biggest summer adventure will be a three week trip to Montana where my husband and I will be checking out (and photographing) the Bitterroot Valley and the Stillwater River Valley.”
  • Anjuli: “I’ll be going to places, mainly, in North America…Canada, California, possibly Boston…hopefully, Boston…North Carolina…but I do have a trip planned for Singapore and Malaysia at the end of the summer- the first 3 weeks of August.”
  • Matt: “I’m getting geared up for a winter here in Queenstown. I’m planning on sticking around to see what their snowboard season is like – I’ve heard excellent things, and am excited to experience it.”
  • Brian Setzer: “Riding my motorcycle to Alaska and back south.”
  • Earl: “I’ll be heading to NYC and Boston over the next month and then flying out to the Middle East hopefully by the end of June.”
  • Tom Volpe: “The great summer holiday debate is heating up around here, we are looking at trips to Japan, Montenegro and Egypt at the moment…”
  • Shannon: “Going to try train travel in the U.S. w/my kids using rail passes (30 day pass and will go on 2 trips).”

The response was overwhelming and I couldn’t include many plans like Vera‘s Europe trip, Nellie‘s India plans, Jenna‘s 5 weeks in Brazil. There is even more from soultravelers3, Nora, and Andy. Get inspired, find ideas, and ask questions or volunteer some advice in the travel plans comments. Personally, my plans are usually in flux but over the next few weeks I’ll be in Chicago, New York City, and likely spending time in parts of Central America. Perhaps our paths will cross and we can meet up – you can find out my travel plans best through my bi-monthly newsletter or on Twitter (@foxnomad).

[photos by: retro traveler (travel journal), Daveybot (postcards)]