the ultimate tech guide for travelers version 2.0We all travel with gadgets, store our trip memories as digital data, and stay connected with loved ones over the Internet. Our technology doesn’t take away from our travel experiences but rather enhances them in endless ways. For those who resist it, tech can become a burden heavier than the most over-packed luggage. For those who know how to wield them, gadgets can find you cheaper airfare, the best local restaurant to eat at on a long layover, and even help you find the next best city to live in.

The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers Version 2.0 Puts That Knowledge Into Your Hands

The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers Version 2.0 is all of the most relevant tricks, tips, and tech hacks I’ve researched, tested, and compiled to give you a hacker’s edge for you next trip.

Plus, included with The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers v. 2.0 is an actual hacker just for you. Me.

This is a travel tech ebook that comes with 6 months of free technical support for anything discussed inside its digital pages. I’ll help you setup an online backup system, jailbreak your iPhone, and consult you on your next laptop purchase, for example. Emails, phone calls, Skype, carrier pigeon, I’ll be with you step by step.

travel tech gadgetsExpanded To Over 150 Pages And References To Over 500 Resources

Within its 11 chapters, The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers Version 2.0 reads like a part-digital story part-hacking manual for your travels. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a budget traveler like myself or not, and neither does the number of trips you take a year. In 12 months you’ll save at least $100 on your gadget purchases, make it possible to find your lost laptop, learn how to get free flights to the best places at the right time, and yes – more.

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Your input also keeps this ebook alive, with 3 months of free updates with your purchase; it’s the only technology book you need for your travels.

Version 2.0: A Peek Inside

These are just a few of the things I’ll show you how to do:

  • baku old city picturesBackup Your Entire Online Presence – Not only your laptop, phone, and tablet but I’ll show you how to protect and store anything you put online automatically.
  • Find Out How The Busiest Users On The Planet Find The Right Laptop  – What they know is how you’ll find the perfect laptop for your travels.
  • Backup Your Photos Straight From Your Digital Camera – Instantly. And it doesn’t matter what camera you’re using.
  • Talk To Anyone When You Don’t Speak Their Language – For those times you can’t quite remember that Chinese word or want to ask that cute Brazilian out.
  • Hide Your Data From Government Eyes – While still making it look like you’re not.
  • Get The Best Public Transportation Route – Each time you head out of your hostel or hotel for the day.

Plus you can preview The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers v. 2.0 on Kindle and preview on Nook.

yodaBecome A Traveling Digital Jedi (Yoda Included For 6 Months)

Version 2.0 makes you a more powerful traveler, upgrades your laptop and other gadgets, plus comes with your own personal computer consultant for 6 months. I always try in every post here to keep to foXnoMad’s motto, “travel smarter”. By hacking minds – ours and others – manipulating wireless signals, and beating the airlines at their own tricks, with science and technology usually in hand. The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers Version 2.0 is an extension of foXnoMad’s best.

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Available For Kindle, Nook, iPad, And Laptops For A Special Price Through Monday

The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers Version 2.0 normally sells for $37 but from now until next Monday, June 4th I’m giving you a special price of $27. Support, updates, and everything else included and nothing taken away – except 10 bucks.

How To Purchase The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers Version 2.0

You can purchase The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers Version 2.0 in several ways.

Opening The First Page Is Just The Beginning

You will never travel the same after reading The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers v. 2.0 and you’ll learn something new, even if you’re already a traveling geek like myself. I wouldn’t sell an ebook for any price, let alone $37, if I wasn’t sure it will be invaluable to you. Have your tech work for you on the road so you can focus on what you should be – traveling baby!

The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers v. 2.0 will show you even more ways to travel smarter in ways you may not have even considered. And if you have any questions at all, you’ll get live help from the only ebook that takes your emails and calls.

Happy travel hacking,