jodi legal nomadsA hungry hello everyone to this month’s live chat – the last one for the summer. I hope you’re hungry as it’s right around lunch, dinner always snack time. Today I’ll be discussing one of travel’s most delicious experiences – street food – with my guest and marshmallow enthusiast Jodi Ettenberg.

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The chat is only open from 2pm-4pm US EST; (6pm-8pm GMT; 11pm-1am New Delhi) Next Live Chat coming this September!

We’ll kick things off in the chat (happening in the comments just below) with some of the best comments from May before talking about street food from around the world. (WARNING: Hunger may result.) Here’s a bit more about my guest, Jodi:

  • Jodi Ettenberg is a former lawyer who quit her job in early 2008 to travel (and eat) her way around the world. She chronicles her travels in words and photos on her site, Legal Nomads.

I’ve known Jodi online since we were both budding bloggers and our traveling paths have crossed in Vancouver (during last year’s TBEX Conference) and later in 2012 in Istanbul. I’ve told her if I had to pick only one person to follow online it would be her Twitter feed – which I highly recommend you do as well. Aside from curating the best links on the web, Jodi knows food and we’re ready to discuss the street variety. Drop down into the comments to post your questions, comments, and secret places to eat along the street. Jodi will be chatting live from Canada and myself from Germany; we look forward to hearing from you wherever you are as well!