the best city to visit travel tournament first round

Submit your votes before Wednesday, March 6th at 2pm US EST in each of the 10 match ups below. Those votes will determine the 64 cities that will compete in the Second Round later this week. Those of you reading through email and RSS will have to click-through to this page to vote.

During last Thursday’s Preliminary voting, 54 cities gathered enough votes to skip the First Round and take a comfortable seat in the Second Round of The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2013. (The cities with the most votes were matched up with those with the least in the preliminaries.) You can see those cities in the tournament bracket below, yet there are 20 more cities waiting to compete. Today we’ll begin the month long process of elimination. If your favorite city is already on a bracket line and not in the polls below, it’s safe until this coming Thursday. Vote below to choose the 10 cities out of this group of 20 that will complete the next round of 64.

  • Keep in mind this is a very quick round – I’ve got to get the Second Round prepared before taking a transatlantic flight to Mexico so don’t put off your vote and click!

the best city to visit travel tournament first round

Please keep in mind the final votes for any poll arenโ€™t final until theyโ€™re verified by my diligent verification team. Those of you who were able to skip the First Round, be prepared, everyone is up for elimination on Thursday, March 7th in the Second Round.

The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2016: Sweet 16