katrina world nomadsThe words travel and insurance put together sound reasonable but it’s not always clear when you might need to consider it and if you do, what to look for. My live chat guest today can clear up the somewhat hazy subject of travel insurance so you can ultimately be more secure in your travels.

As the Global Product Marketing Manager for World Nomads, Katrina Greeves keeps their travel insurance program relevant, competitive and accessible to English speaking travelers from over 140 countries. A traditionally trained marketer with a tourism background, Katrina translates insurance speak into language travelers understand. She also listens and connects with travelers to develop travel services to support their passions, envisaging new ways to sell online and coding just enough HTML to make the web developers sweat.

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Katrina will be online later tonight from the future, in Sydney, Australia (where World Nomads is based) to answers all of your questions about what travel insurance covers, the costs, and when you may not need it. What’s been confusing you about travel insurance shouldn’t be for much longer – ask away in the comments below.