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Although the answer to the question, “should you get travel insurance“, is almost always a reluctant “yes”, a lot of times providers don’t cover the scariest of situations. Countries that are considered dangerous, terrorist acts, and robbery aren’t always covered and while it’s not pleasant to think of such circumstances, for some parts of the world it is warranted.

Fortunately there are some options for you prior to leaving on a trip where you might want to be extra cautious.

What Is Dangerous?

Insurance coverage for risky locations and situations is likely less expensive than you may think but generally it isn’t cheap. Before you consider making a dent in your digital travel budget, check to see if you might be already covered and research whether or not your destination is much more dangerous in reputation than it is in reality.

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Don’t assume that your regular travel insurance is going to cover you for everything, everywhere. All of the reputable companies will have a list of destinations that aren’t covered. You should also confirm what they define as acts of terror (not always as straightforward as it should be), putting yourself at risk (and out of coverage), plus any unusual circumstances.

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Break Down Threats

Insurance companies typically break down what normal people consider dangerous into a few coverage categories: war, terrorism, kidnapping (plus ransom payments). You’ll need to decide or speak with a specialist to decide what coverage you need as well as how much. (It’s not easy to decide how much ransom you’re worth – or for some us – too easy.)

Having traveled to places like Iraq, followed protests in eastern Ukraine, and had dinner in remote roadside kitchen halls in Yemen, I’ve worked with a number of companies offering special security coverage. One of the easiest to work with in my opinion is Clements.

Quotes And Protection Online

Regular travel insurance is something you can purchase online but quotes on less orthodox situations typically mean a phone call. Waiting on hold isn’t fun and making calls isn’t always practical when you’re traveling around the world on a multi-city trip. Clements lets you get a full quote on coverage in case of terrorism, kidnapping, and a whole bunch of terrible events that hopefully don’t happen. Their specialists often get back within two business days – plus there’s no money you need to put down. Clements gives you a quote based on the type of specialty coverage you want for the specific country you will traveling to.

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Specialty travel insurance only covers specific catastrophic events however, supplementing regular travel insurance. That means it won’t cover a sprained ankle sustained while trying to grab the best danish in Denmark or other commonplace claims like antibiotics. Additionally your electronics likely aren’t covered so make sure to check your regular travel insurance policy carefully.