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best city 2014 second round

As has been the case in past Best City to Visit Tournaments, the First Round of voting produced some very close contests with a tie between Cape Town, South Africa and Surce, Boliva which I broke in favor of The Tavern of the Seas. All of the Romanian entries advanced but I won’t be able to say that at the start of the Sweet 16 on Thursday as Bucharest and Brasov face off today. Also, a number of you voiced your displeasure with having to enter a password in addition to the CAPTCHA on each poll so I’ve removed the first requirement – for now. I might have to reinstate it but in the meantime hopefully it’s less of a pain to vote.

EDIT: It was bound to happen, I made a mistake in putting together the initial round and neglected to place Budapest in the Preliminary voting. To remedy the situation, I’m placing Budapest with a seed of the average votes in the Preliminaries, placing it in a 3-way race between Paris and Ljubljana. I apologize for the mistake – an unfortunate by-product of being human.

best city 2014 second round

Remember, this Second Round of 32 cities ends tomorrow, March 12th at 6pm US EST. Results won’t appear until the round closes, when there will be only 16 cities left. Those of you reading through email and RSS will have to click-through to this page to vote.

Good luck everyone and remember, the Sweet 16 round begins this Thursday, March 13th!

The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2014: Championship