foxnomad gear

Hello, just a quick note from me that the foXnoMad Shop has been updated with new shirts, hoodies, and other foxy branded gear. There’s even some matte black special editions of the foXnoMad logo which have been very popular – both in tri-blend and ultra-soft cotton as well.

Shipping Times And Discount

Today is the last day to order if you want to ensure your merch arrives before Christmas using standard shipping. (The end of the week if you’re a New Year’s gift person.) You can also get 20% off if you use the code FOX20 at checkout.

One more thing, if you tag #foxnomad on Instagram or Twitter showing off any of the gear by the end of year, I’ll pick one person to send $100 to!



WiFox And DroneMate Apps Are On Sale Now As Part Of The foXnoMad Air Pack

I wanted to create some newer designs from when the Shop first went live, as well as switch fabric manufacturers for more variety, better prints, and softer clothing. Check out the new items and let me know what you think. For more gift ideas for the travelers in your life, I post daily travel and tech deals right here, plus have apps to help everyone travel smarter in airports, with drones, plus more (iOS / Android).

foxnomad dronemate

Thank you as always for all of your support, cheers wherever you’re reading from 😉

ps. I’m currently running a giveaway on Anker sports earbuds – all you have to do is make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel then enter here. Good luck!