best city 2020 championship

Big applause from our balconies for Florence, Italy, on its amazing run through the Final Four of the Best City to Visit Travel Tournament. One of the hardest hit areas of the global coronavirus pandemic, your support for Florence and other Italian cities showed throughout the tournament. Meanwhile, Sydney quietly got to the brink of the Championship but it couldn’t handle tournament favorite Singapore. Now, Istanbul, who’s been close many years might get its chance to win it all and pull off a major Best City contest upset.

As always, your votes determine the winner. You have until this Sunday, April 5th 11:59pm US EST (-4 GMT) to vote!

Don’t forget to tag #bestcity2020 on Instagram or Twitter to let me know your who you’re rooting for! The final results and winner of this year’s tournament will be announced on April 7th, so make sure to check back then to find out the Best City to Visit in 2020!

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