geek takeover week foxnomad

Welcome People of Earth and beings of everywhere else. It is I, Anil Polat, the guy who writes this blog. I also make YouTube videos where I sometimes give away money so you should subscribe. See, this is Geek Takeover Week, an annual tradition on this site. August is when many of you are traveling and I am preparing for the busy tech season of the fall.

Things slow down. Posts are far and few between. But this week, in the middle of every August, is when we go a bit wild and geeky. Still confused? Search for Geek Takeover Week and you’ll see the weirdness myself and guests have come up with. For 2022, I have some fun ones lined up. Stay tuned Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday but for now, enjoy the Season 3 finale of the foXnoMad Podcast.

We’ll return to our regularly schedule travel and tech posts when the site return from hiatus in September for new horizons to explore.