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Marine Reserves Going to Iraq

From the Washington Post:

The Marine Corps is planning to call up as many as 2,500 Marine reservists for combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, dipping into a rarely used pool of troops to fill growing personnel gaps in units scheduled to deploy in coming months, officials said yesterday.

For how long?

The authority for involuntary recalls is until the end of the “Global War on Terror” — a conflict for which there is no realistic end in sight. That could mean thousands of Marines could be involuntary activated over coming years.

Seems a bit of an arbitrary deadline don’t you think?

Going back to December 8, 2005

(Donald Rumsfeld)

…I suspect that the commanders in the field would make recommendations for some [troop] reductions as the Iraqi security forces continue to grow in size and experience.

Phew, I feel better now.

Weird Swiss Laws

Peaceluvbug has a new post from over in Switzerland and I must say the writing is pretty good.


Sheesh, now I’ve got to raise my standards 😉

Don’t Buy a Belkin Router

After hours late last night trying to figure out why I can not access my OWN webpage from home, I discovered that Belkin routers have a habit of blocking IP addresses, people, and website if making prolonged connections (such as backing up L’avant Poste.
Also, the people over at Belkin (God knows where in the world) are completely worthless, and the advice they give could really screw your computer network settings.

Last thing, I’m all about outsourcing to an extend. Fine if the call center is in India, Philippines, wherever. But dude, they must be remotely understandable.

[UPDATE] – I’m buying a Linksys router ASAP. For the meantime I setup a proxy and I can now access my site to get around the stupid Belkin router from blocking me.

How to Access YouTube and Myspace from Work

Or school for that matter. Many people have been asking and as the technical guru on all things security and hacking, I decided to respond en masse.

The easiest way to do so to get around filtering and places that block those sites is to use https://www.vtunnel.com/ a free proxy service.

What’s a proxy service, who cares 😉 Simply type in the address you want to go to using VTunnel (youtube, or myspace, etc.) and you’ll get there all over an encrypted channel.

Making it a bit safer, in case Bob in IT is watching the line.

FYI – if you get caught or screwed somehow, I am completely disclaiming everything. So is everyone else at L’avant Poste.

Terrorists Using Liquid Explosives, Feasible?

Not very, according to this article from The Register (based in the UK). I’d like to pass this along as a central theme of L’avant Poste is travel.
Apparently it takes more than just mixing two liquids together in the bathroom of a plane in mid flight for a bang. It takes a cocktail of items, several hours of work, and the terrorists have to be carful they don’t blow themselves up in the taxi on the way to the airport.

After a few hours – assuming, by some miracle, that the fumes haven’t overcome you or alerted passengers or the flight crew to your activities – you’ll have a quantity of TATP with which to carry out your mission. Now all you need to do is dry it for an hour or two.

And these guys aren’t too bright anyway. Attempting to attack the most difficult mode of transporation on the most scrutinized routes between two cities on constant high-terror alert.

Hope you haven’t changed your travel plans because of it. This might make you feel better after all.

Plus planes can fly despite the worst of conditions, take the Aloha flight:

First Post from Lugano, Swtizerland!

Day 1 from Franklin College is on peaceluvbug’s very own blog, right now 🙂


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