Well, I was thinking about it and every week I pick the cheapest prices and the places I think you guys might find most interesting. Starting next week I’ll have deals to and from countries all over the world, inside and outside of the US, and lead you to some travel agents I know that have given me really good deals in the past.

FYI on the travel agents, it’s not a money thing, I never advertise or post anything for personal gain, I just want to help nurture that travel seed we all have…

So, all of this being said, where do you guys want to hear about? Perhaps I focus on England too much, or flights out of New York… or Fiji (which is a very bad place to go at the moment).

The Best Vegan And Vegetarian Restaurants In Antigua, Guatemala

It doesn’t have to necessarily have to be somewhere you will go, but I’ll just keep them in mind and post some prices when they come my way. Although, if you are going somewhere – you can always let me know and I’ll put the word out too see if there is a good deal out there for you :D? Cause that’s what hommies do you know :mrgreen: