The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2012: Final Four

best city to visit tournament 2012 final four

This is it, the Final Four of cities that have survived 6 rounds of voting over the last 3 and a half weeks. Fethiye, Sarajevo, Guimaraes, and Istanbul are all so close to the final, yet still far away. The debates in the Elite 8 heated up as to which two cities will meet in the championship and now you decide. Will it be Fethiye who (again) narrowly escaped Kuala Lumpur, favorites Sarajevo, steady but strong Guimaraes, or Istanbul; who made it to the finals in 2010? We’ll find out in 2 days.

Voting in the Final Four will be open until 11:30am US EST this Thursday, March 22nd. Results may not appear after you vote so check back throughout the day and I’ll post updates in the comments below. Those of you reading through email and RSS will have to click-through to this page to vote.

best city to visit tournament 2012 final four bracket

Please keep in mind the final votes for any poll aren’t final until they’re verified by my diligent verification team. The Championship round to decide The Best City to Visit in 2012 will begin next Tuesday, March 27th.

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Best of luck to everyone!

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  1. Francisco Silva says:

    The Soul of Guimarães…the best destination in 2012! Visit us and you’ll never want to leave!

  2. Almir says:

    Sarajevo !!!!!

  3. Alex says:

    I see it coming, Sarajevo-Guimaraes in the final. This would be a great final! So original!
    Sarajevo is magic! Guimaraes beautiful! Now, cant wait to see the results!


  4. Go Guimaraes Go!

    The whole of Spain is with you!

  5. david says:

    Guimaraes is an unique city. I can’t even imagine how some Portuguese don’t know their own birthplace (Portugal was born in Guimaraes). Well, I’ve been to Sarajevo and really loved it but my vote will go to Guimaraes this time. I go to Portugal every now and then and I cannot miss a visit to this beautifull, lovely medieval city! Such as the locals that are the most special people! Go Guimaraes!

  6. Marcela dias says:

    guimarães <3

  7. Amel says:

    Once a wise man sad, who drinks water on “Bascarsija” will definitely come back again :)
    Go Sarajevo :)

  8. Tuzlak says:

    Any updates Anil ?

  9. Dutchie says:

    Went to Sarajevo for first time few years ago and got amazed with the city, people, history and culture. Kept going there every year since. Good luck Sarajevo!!

  10. Francisco Silva says:

    Glad to see that Guimarães still ahead. Unfortunatly a small difference to Istambul. You should close the poll right now :)

  11. Anil P. says:

    Hi everyone, before the live results are up here are the latest updates:

    Fethiye-Sarajevo: Sarajevo strong lead
    Guimaraes-Istanbul: Guimaraes ~5% lead

  12. Francisco Silva says:

    Guimarães, European Capital of Culture 2012! Definitely the best destination in 2012!