To summarize Amish country:

That’s about it. If you do decide to venture out there though, rest assured that everyone will give you conflicting directions. If one guy at the gas station says go left on Rt.30, the next woman eating a Ho-Ho down the street will says go right.

We pull up next to this old man to ask for directions, as my cousin looked at me like it was the worst idea in the world. The conversation went as such:

“Excuse me sir, could you tell me how to get to Amish country?”

To which he replied:


[Ok the music player above may not be working…the guy said:

Aaaaamish Cuuuntry wadduuu you waanna doo theere??”

Ah, yes…so nobody invited us in to their homes, no market with little Amish people line dancing…no nothing. Just farms. Amish country was a big let down. I didn’t even learn to say “hi” in Amish-talk. They all looked to pissed off to ask anyway. 🙁

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