Many of those crazy college kids will be going back to the far, far nether regions of the country and the world. Here are some tips from Peaceluvbug for all of you who decided you needed to get on a plane to escape mommy and daddy 😉


  • 1. for the long plane ride home, be sure to bring your iPod (or any other electronic device) and a good book. you never know what movies will be playing on the flight, and if the movies are anything like what i got this time around, you’ll be happy to turn to your alternative modes of entertainment.
  • 2. bring gifts! but be sure they are light gifts… everyone likes gifts (no matter how many times they tell you “oh you shouldn’t have!”)
  • 3. be a stylish traveler. of course comfort comes first, but you can be comfortable and look good at the same time. you never know who you’ll be making an impression on. 🙂 a bit superficial, yes, i know… but deal with it.
  • 4. be sure to wear shoes that won’t be a hassle to take off at security check points. no one likes to be the person who holds up the line at the airport!
  • 5. the more hassle avoided = the happier the traveler. meaning, make sure your carry on has what it is allowed to have (check airline regulations at and don’t pack it too much because i saw far too many people being asked to unload carry ons so officials could see what was inside. don’t be the dumdum in the security line! 🙂
Student Shares What To Know When Moving To Chicago For College

Pretty interesting list, thanks “worldly student”! Anyone else leaving for school – or have any travel tips from when you were walking 15 miles across campus in the snow? Add them in the comments – holla!