The airport in Frankfurt is probably the worst one I’ve been too in the world. (the best being Istanbul). This is a picture of one of their flight status screens in the airport:

Yes, it’s that little blue screen the size of a small computer monitor – not very big or efficient. To top things off, it doesn’t even display all of the flights, only in alphabetical order. So if you don’t happen to be flying to a city that begins with the letter “A”, you have to wait your turn to scroll.

This is the only “normal” sized flight status display and the dim bright spot of this German airport. The clicking noise and updates are slightly addictive.

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The airport hasn’t been renovated in years and they keep adding sections to the original building making it a confusing place to find anything. If you’re an inexperienced traveler, I don’t recommend you fly through there, finding your gate will be a nightmare. Even the best travelers should not have shorter than a 45 minute layover or you will miss your flight.