Beer Travel

There is a shift in the culture of beer and sophisticated drinkers are traveling to taste new brews.

Watch and Subtitle Internet Video

You can watch and create subtitled online videos with

Way To Speed Up Passport Applications

Passports applications in the US are taking an average of 10-12 weeks to process due to backlog. Kiplinger??s offers a few tips to speeding up the process.

Find an Ecofriendly Hotel

Some things to lookout for when shopping for an ecofriendly hotel are to make sure there is a towels and linens reuse program, recycling is offered, and ask if they use florescent light bulbs.

Vibrating Condom May be Banned as Sex Toy in India

A vibrating condom has sparked a fierce debate in India, over whether it is a sex toy – which are banned – or a means of birth control.

Rice Salad at Room Temperature

Insalata di Riso, a simple salad of arborio rice mixed with tuna, olives, capers and other piquant ingredients.