Flying With a Knife

It wasn??t until I was on my way back to BWI that security in NY found something.

Moving the Thermostat A Few Degrees May Burn Pounds Too

Combining energy conservation, weight loss, and money saving can be done with a few degrees in the right direction.

How To Get Someone Else To Pack For You

Be warned however: most of these tips apply to men only and pray upon the good-natured and loving maternal instincts of women.

Got A Good Deal From

The site interface is nice and clean and doesn??t require you to sign up to any mailing lists or do anything more than a simple registration.

American Airlines Offering Buy Now Pay Later On Plane Tickets

American Airlines is offering credit for plane tickets to encourage passengers to fly – no interest and no payments for 6 months.

Test Mizpee To Find Nearby Toilets

MizPee is a free service that allows (US residents) to text their city and state to the following number – 415-350-2290 – to find the nearest bathroom.

Frequent Flier Miles Can Be Donated To Various Charities

Their program, Operation Hero Miles, is overseen by The Fisher House for the Department of Defense and supplies free airline tickets to military personnel undergoing treatment due to injuries received while serving in Afghanistan or Iraq.