Cheap Flights To And From The UK With The EscapeMap Mashup

Search through flights to and from the UK and get prices and routes? returned on a Google map with EscapeMap. Aside from basing the results on price, you can filter the results so you end up near the beach, or in an exotic place (New Orleans according the EscapeMap).

Portable Oven-Bag On The Way

Soon you will be able to heat food to oven temperatures in your carry on luggage.

Smoker Friendly Travel

Those of you smokers looking for international travel that won??t dent your nicotine habit can check

Nudist Travel On A Weak Dollar

The once strong dollar is hitting the pockets of all travelers, even those that don??t have pockets. The Nudist Travel Guide has a list of places to visit where you won??t have to sell the clothes off your back or wear them at all for that matter.

36 Hours In Sao Paulo, Brazil

The New York Times has a great article on a whirlwind 36 hour trip to the ??ugliest, most dangerous city you??ll ever love.??