Research Inflight Amenities: SeatGuru

The site is the one-stop location for travelers who want to get detailed information on each seat, including the varying legroom dimensions on each plane. Some seats have more space due to the way they are positioned on a particular plane. The site gives you a visual of the ??good, be aware?? and ??poor seats??.

Travel + Leisure’s City Rankings

Travel + Leisure has ranked America??s top 25 urban destination on a variety of categories that will help you waste tons of time at work plan your next trip.

Read and Post Unique License Plates On The VWvortex Forum

A devoted Web site would be better (any suggestions?) but I stumbled across the VWvortex forum??s unique license plate gallery.

Skydiving At West Point, Virginia

In case you were wondering, 3 million people went skydiving in 2004 and 21 died (19 of those people were diving outside of the supervision of a school). So, I guess your odds of survival are pretty good.

Organize an Entire Vacation At Home And Abroad

Plan an entire vacation from start to finish with Home and Abroad based on information about who and how you want to travel. Design you trip by telling H and A how important it is to you to see tourist attractions, relax, or gamble, for instance.