10 Best and Worst Airports To Crash In

The Budget Traveller??s Guide to Sleeping In Airports lists the top 10 best and worst airports around the world.

How To Be Your Own Seat Guru

Aside from online resources, travelers can follow some basic rules to find the best seat on a plane as conditions change. There are some good resources on the net, most notably SeatGuru, but if you don??t have the time to check it, or get bumped from your flight, follow these tips to become your own seat guru.

Solving You Vacation Nightmares At The Airport

MSN has good advice on what to do if you get bumped from a flight, arrive without a suitcase, or end up spending hours at the terminal.

Folding, Electric Rental Cars

The smart folks over at MIT are developing a short range car for rental in urban areas. The car is being sponsored by GM in the hopes to reduce pollution and congestion.