Get the best deals on common gifts, clothes, and other Indian goods at Indian malls rather than small shops. Both the malls and larger stores offer many of the same goods you’d find in the large shopping areas around Brigade and MG Roads but with lower beginning costs.

Mall prices are generally 20-30% lower and can be brought down 40-60% – depending on your bargaining skills. Many of the smaller shops cater to tourists and higher class shoppers making them reluctant to knock of a few rupees for people who are perceived to have money.

Ironically this seems to be why the malls are a good place to catch a good deal. They aren’t frequented very often by touristy shoppers and are keen on making a sale. Make sure to go at off hours or around closing time and don’t seem to eager to buy. Go to Brigade and MG Roads for good coffee, places to smoke, or great food and save your souvenir buying for the average mall.

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[photo by: Arindam Thokder]