The Red Fort in Delhi was one high on my list of travel plans for Delhi and it was where I ended up first. The busy tourist attraction is especially interesting if archeology and history are your fancy. The fort is located in a busy part of town and the parking restrictions mean you’ll have a short minute past eager street merchants to get to the entrance if arriving by car or taxi.

red fort 1

Along the path through the interior of the fort are several small shops all selling similar statues, jewelery, and trinkets.

red fort trinkets

Columns within the Red Fort.

red fort columns

It’s not all red.

red fort not red

All of the interesting doors and walkways were roped off. I guess I’ll just have to keep wondering what’s in there.

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red fort door

On my way back to the hotel from the Red Fort, I witnessed a protest by the Indian Christian community who were staging a protest blocking most of the road. The traffic delays were considerable.

red fort protest

You can view the rest of my pictures of the protest and the Red Fort here in the gallery. The Red Fort, aside from its impressive architecture, is essentially a large museum. Across the street however is Chandni Chowk, a bustling market that made the trip to Red Fort all the more worthwhile. I’ll be posting pictures from Chandni Chowk on Friday.